the bridge

The Bridge

Connecting the annular sector shape with the idea of a bridge was one of the insights I drew from “What we hope to learn…” The bridge image has been on my mind for some time. In April of 2011 I dreamt, “…a stone bridge was about to be tattooed on my back, a woman was poking and cutting my back with a knife to prepare for the tattooing.”

When I went searching for an image of the stone bridge I imagined, the closest I could find was the one in the image to left. The complete picture emerged over a period of about two weeks from the end of February into early March. The woman, the amphora, and the man emerged from the vesica piscis and the stones of the bridge come from the stones on each side of the mandorla in “What we hope to learn...”

amphora 3/2/16The idea of an “earthen vessel” felt very important to me at this time, and I sketched one in my journal. I saw the stripes and the white disc as decorations glazed on the amphora. I had a strong sense of the amphora as a physical object—I would have made one if I’d had the ability. I began to see a marriage ceremony centered around the lifting and pouring of the amphora. Once upturned the stripes would correspond to the order of the colors in a rainbow. But as it stands in the image it is a reflection. There was something very satisfying to me about the image of the amphora, as if I have arrived at an important moment.

The space beneath the bridge in this image begins with the urn portion of Carol Spicuzza's painting Subtle Wind. The negative space of the urn shapes an opening into a cave. In this space I placed a bed frame and an image of a satyr, refering to my dream of August 19, 2007 in which I saw a bed frame, hand-carved wood headboard, footboard, siderails. All around the headboard were green foilage and flowers. All this was beautiful. There were figures (some like satyrs) attending, maybe preparing for something. I saw the slats running between the siderails and realized there were no bed linens and no mattress, the bed was not yet ready. Two questions arose from the dream. Is this a wedding bed? Are these preparations for a wedding night?

I completed two versions of the urn portion before adding it to the bridge image. In one (you can see it here) there is a figure bearing a torch far in the back of the cave. This came from another of Carol's paintings, Full of Mothers, and was a reference for me to another dream.

Dream of April 10, 2015: I dreamt that the woman in the annular sector dream and I attended a workshop. The workshop leader wanted my help with an exploration of human origins. Suddenly there is a cave and what the woman and I are seeking is in the cave. There is a crevasse, dark, and I start to go in. I sense that this place will take me to the very root of what makes humanity human, the most fundamental level. I know that I will fall when I enter, and although I have no idea how far I will fall I do not feel fear, only a desire to know what I can learn by going into this deep place.

A year later this dream figure returned, and that is where the story continues.

Once the bridge image was complete I wrote of the experience, “This was deeply satisfying. I have captured something personally profound here, an image of what the mythological ground of a relationship might look like. This is also an invitation to go deeper, as the way gets narrower from the entrance to the cave leading to the crevasse that ‘will take me to the very root of what makes humanity human.’”