My four circle dream has been on my mind. One night I was awake and the thought occurred to me that there are two quatrefoils: one horizontal, where the circles come from the North, South, East, and West and the four rays extend to the "four corners of the earth"; one vertical where the circles come from above, below, left and right and the four rays extend into mystery. They both have the same center point ("Anywhere is the center of the world." —Black Elk) and intersect at 90°.

I associated the horizontal quatrefoil with an experience I had at Esalen in June 2009, during a shamanic journey. I started out with the intention of drawing a mandala as a gift, instead an object appeared in front of me, which included the rayed quatrefoil shape. I traveled to a place where lines seemed to be coming together from all directions. I walked through these "lines" (which seemed to be swaying a bit back and forth—I could feel the motion against my sides) toward the spot where the lines converged. I looked into that spot and it seemed to me like a void. I took the object I brought with me and began to press it into the place where the lines converged. The four rays seemed to align with four of the converging lines and the quatrefoil fit into the space. Once in place, the quatrefoil filled with white light and created an opening of some kind. I then looked up and saw stars wheeling overhead. I saw a falling star which seemed to be something for me. So this is my image of the horizontal quatrefoil:

I associate this image with a phrase I use in the last poem of Running with the Sun, "pain-hollowed heart". I also associate it with the description of the table in The Grail Legend (pp166-169), and with this: "In the dreams and fantasy pictures of modern man this hidden, invisible something is occasionally depicted as a meaningful and numinous void...A nothingness, a void, is...the inescapable condition for the emergence of the self." (The Grail Legend, p133)

My image of the vertical quatrefoil places it inside a circle:

And this animation shows the relationship of the two: