This mandala is based on three dreams. The outer ring is based on a dream of people standing in a circle and interlocking their hands in a special way in order to generate power. As I saw two hands interlock, I was reminded of the running spiral design, and thought of the circle of people as including this design.

The inner ring comes from a dream in which I am standing in a small round plaza in the center of encircling, connected buildings. Columns run along the front of the buildings, there are many doors, the buildings are two or three stories high. I think of this as a small city which has everything one needs.

The image in the center begins with a dream I had of looking down into a subterranean cavern, as if I were suspended near the top of the cavern, and seeing a pool of lava, which in the dream was still.

In this drawing, the image of the pool of lava turns dynamic, and the two outer rings contain the dynamism.

The second mandala grew out of experiences from many walks in the woods in the late spring and early summer of 1995. I often found gooseberries by the trail and enjoyed eating them as I walked among the oak trees. I experienced the berries as a gift, an uncultivated source of nourishment which came to me unmediated by agriculture—directly from the earth.

In the mandala I see the gooseberry as a symbol of the nourishment I receive in the life of my psyche—those images that arise spontaneously from that mysterious source inside. Archetypes emerging from the unconscious, Jung might say. These come as a gift directly from the Self, as a kind of grace.