Five Dreams

I had the “Dream of Four Circles” in July of 1996. In August of 1996 I began to draw a series of pictures depicting the configuration I had seen in my dream. Then I began incorporating it into mandalas. These mandalas repeat the circle of people holding hands and Pantapolis designs. The colors of the fiery lava become organized into bands around the quatrefoil and a yellow background when the quatrefoil emerges at the center. The colors of the gates also recall the lava colors. The most significant difference between these two mandalas is that the size of the quatrefoil grows, suggesting that the appearance of the quatrefoil represents an emergent process, as if the dynamism of the lava has been carried into the expansion of the quatrefoil.

The color of the wall behind the columns changes to green in these two mandalas. For me, this transforms the mandalas into a space for healing—for making whole. These mandalas differ from the 1995 mandala in another interesting respect: the four gates, through which the radiating lines pass, are illumined. In the earlier mandala the doorways and gates were dark.

The next mandala introduces two additional dreams to the design. The wall (if wall it is) behind the colonnade has no openings, making the manadala a sealed container. And here the purple that had represented the floor of the colonnade appears as one of the bands around the quatrefoil, and has been replaced in the colonnade by four colors: black, white, red, and yellow.

The first dream came in October 1995: I stir molten metal in a crucible. As I do this, someone explains that this is molten gold which has been separated from the ore and from the copper and other metals that were in the ore through a refining process which involved several steps. Now I stir the cooling gold so it coats the inside of the crucible. This way it will form a malleable sheet instead of a solid lump. I picture the gold being shaped into a mask shaped like the sun.

This dream was anticipated, in a way, by the dream mandala I drew in the summer of 1995. I associate the dynamism of the center of that mandala with my stirring of the gold in the crucible. Here the dream is represented by the gold circle inside the circle of Pantapolis.

The second dream from June 1995: I see four rainbows, each with a luminous orb just below the apex of it’s arc. I clearly sense the sun behind me creating the rainbows.

Green as well as purple appear in the bands of color around the quatrefoil, suggesting rainbows, and the four luminous orbs take their places. The color of the columns in this drawing is silver-grey, bringing silver and gold into contact with each other for the first (but not the last) time.