benedicta viriditas


Image to left Benedicta Viriditas.

Pantapolis Dream of April 17, 2016: A woman (the same woman in my Annular Sector dream) and I have arrived at a place, which reminds me of the city that has everything, but the layout is buildings around a square. I want to explore this place. She walks on my right, we are holding hands. We turn toward each other and I look into her eyes, and they are just incredible. They are clearly her eyes but they also seem like openings into something else, or they have a deeper meaning, a transcendent depth, and as I focus on them and explore what I’m seeing they fill up my field of vision until they are all I see. I come back from this vision of “eyes and more than eyes” and we are walking along, and I start to say, “You have…” and I intended to conclude “…the most beautiful eyes,” but I hesitate because these words do not feel adequate to express the experience I have just had. And she picks up at the pause and says, “…a lot.” And I sense that what she means by this is that she has a sense of her life as very full and she feels grateful for this, and I wonder if she includes knowing me and walking with me now in what she means and I have this little flicker of hope that this might be the case. And I say, “Yes you do,” and by this I mean that she has so much in her, talents and gifts and so on, that there is so much to her, and maybe I just caught a glimpse of that in looking into her eyes. And during this thought I hop and I want to show her that when I am with her I can “float.” So I go up and I hang suspended in the air momentarily, and I see this also from a distance behind, and I see myself “floating,” stretched out next to her horizontal to the ground, we are connected by our hands, and I see this image and connect it with the double mandala image, where I float in the plane of the horizontal mandala and she stands in the plane of the vertical mandala and our hands joined form the center.

This dream inspired a series of drawings, one of which was Benedicta Viriditas, which explored the theme of Pantapolis arranged around a square.

Then in May I had a dream about a red bowl.

Pantapolis Dream of October 11, 1988: …standing in a small round plaza in the center of encircling, connected buildings. Holding the moon and the sun in PantapolisI think of this as a small city which has everything one needs. Columns run along the front of the buildings, there are many doors, the buildings are two or three stories high.

When I came across pictures of the courtyard of the Palace of Charles V in Alhambra, Spain, I felt as if I someone had photographed the setting of my first Pantapolis dream. The idea of the moon and the sun coming togther in Pantapolis found expression in this image I put together.

While working on this page I had a dream on December 8, 2017: I'm walking into a campus. I have in mind a schedule of classes that I’m about to begin. This moment has a bit of a first day of high school feel about it, needing to find the classrooms, orient myself, and so on. But as I'm walking I realize I'm returning to Graceland, but that the campus is now contained in this cavernous space. There are places to eat and maybe shops here, a bit like a shopping mall (I imagine commenting on this to someone), and I realize that the buildings I remember, like the iconic administration building, have been incorporated into the architecture of this complex, this is all one huge place now. I'm headed to register, as I walk I look up at the ceiling which is stone, or made to look like stone, carved to look like Mayan symbols. I muse that they have taken "the Book of Mormon thing" a bit too far. The ceiling curves up and down, somewhat like a tent. This place has a subterranean feel to it. I pull out my class schedule, but see that much of the information I will need to find classrooms, and so on, is missing, as if a portion of the page had been torn off. I decide to find the registrar's office to get the information. I see a woman in strange clothing (looks like she is clothed in stone that matches the stone of the cavern ceiling I was looking at) and the word "registrar" is part of the design (as if carved from stone). I ask her to direct me to the office, but she tells me it is closed for a couple of days due to the demands of registration, but there is a temporary location set up nearby where someone will be able to help me. As I head toward this I consider the list of classes I intend to enroll in. Seems like a heavy load, and I consider dropping a class or two. I have a sense that I graduated earlier without taking some of the usual prerequisites, these were waived because of the nature of my studies, but now I'm returning to take one of these classes and some other classes. I have during this walk through the campus a feeling of accomplishment, that I'm returning here out of personal curiosity, not academic requirement. I’m choosing this. I arrived at the place where there are people assisting incoming students. I say something about having attended in the early 70's (and as I’m saying this I remember there have been subsequent times I have returned to take classes), and maybe say or think something about my creative writing professor, and there is a man here who seems to know of me and mentions something about me having studied with a prominent female (maybe English) professor, as if this was a well known and significant fact about me. I feel a feminine presence next to me, perhaps an older woman I know, during this sequence. I say something like, “Well, I guess I’m going to need a place to live,” and I consider the options—dorm room or off campus house, roommates or living alone. I feel myself leaning toward living by myself this time.

On waking, I thought of my arrival at this vast campus as a return to Pantapolis, the city that has everything one needs. A similar theme here as in my original Pantapolis dream, a sense of “being deep,” but now I feel confidence rather then confusion in this place. I also associate this place with Subtle Wind and the wedding bed cave. Throughout this dream I always seem to know where I’m going, even though I sense I have not visited this vast new campus before. What I’m considering here is that now mandala is in me (as an orienting capacity) rather than me being in mandala as in my first Pantapolis dream.