When I dreamt of four circles coming together, the center portion of the resulting configuration was obscured, and the outside of the figure shone prominently. This reminded me of the way much of the moon was obscured in my dream of an owl flying down from the moon. In both dreams I experienced revealment (the luminosity of the outside of the four circle configuration, the owl landing on my hand) and concealment (the fading of the inside of the four circle configuration, clouds covering much of the moon). I also find these themes in my dream of the four rainbows.

The mandalic nature of my dream of four rainbows was clarified for me late in the summer of 1996, when I read that rainbows are actually circles, only part of which is visible when viewed from the ground. (The complete circle is sometimes seen from airplanes.) So the four rainbows actually form four concentric circles.

In my dream, the horizon limits what I see of the rainbows, so a theme of partial concealment occurs here. I now imagine the four circles which come together in my dream of July, 1996, as rainbows, and the interior of the four circle configuration exists, in a sense, beyond the horizon. This horizon marks the limit of what I can see when turned toward the center.

Another reflection of revealment and concealment in this dream occurs in my awareness of the sun behind me creating the rainbows, even though I do not turn to see it. My sense in the dream was that my attention should go to the effect of the sun, not to the sun itself, just as my attention was drawn to the outer part of the four circle configuration and away from what I might assume about the structure of the interior.

There remains something beyond the horizons of my current experience of the world and of myself not yet revealed, not yet discovered. Even when I’m not turned toward my Self, a light can shine into my life from there.

Some years after writing this page, I explored the theme of the rainbows in a page discussing the goddess Iris and the quatrefoil.