In this image the four vesicae appear on their own. The fiery balls have turned to gold and now lie within the vesicae. The inner structure of the four overlapping circles stands on its own, revealed, the mystery disclosed.

It became clear that the vesicae represented outward movement, as the four green doors represented an inward movement. The rays that radiated from the center of the four circles coming together become trajectories for the movement of the vesicae away from the center.

What was implicit in the Four Mandoorlas Mandala becomes explicit when the vesicae travel the path of the rays out from the center and become mandoorla openings in the temenos. The golden balls become rising suns and the deep blue of watery (unconscious) depths becomes clear (conscious) blue sky.

After the Mandoorla Mandala came the Sunrise Mandala. In this image we see through the mandoorlas a rising sun and a white inverted v shape that extends to become a road toward the horizon. The sun is rising over a sandy beach, the ocean is just over the horizon. (Carroll Bishop had always pictured the temenos by the sea...) Inside the quatrefoil is a fiery sun surrounded by a golden corona. I associate the corona with the mask shaped of gold in my Crucible Dream. I inscribed the poem "…weaving…" around the circumference of the mandala.